So Many Books!

Confession time: I am a book hoarder. Not at the level of the kind of hoarders you see on reality TV shows, but I have a lot of books. Not just a lot of books, but a lot of unread books. And I seem to keep expanding my list of books I want/need to read and I keep going to the library and the used bookstore and I've filled my Kindle with endless samples that I'll never get around to...

So, yeah. This year I am making it my mission to READ as many books as possible. All these books on my shelves and under my bed and in the backseat of my car are going to get knocked out in 2016.

Right now I'm in the middle of the Kindle version of Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay* and I've got copies of Austin Kleon's Show Your Work* and #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso* out from the biblioteca.

Show Your Work is a super short & quick read that I've almost finished since I grabbed it this morning, and it's partially the inspiration behind me starting a blog on my website here (along with the suggestion from a good friend that I start posting things on my own site). I already had the domain, I might as well make it my own and play around with it!

I'm definitely enjoying Bad Feminist but I find it tougher to focus my brain on Kindle books for some reason. The fact that it's divided up into separate essays also makes it easy to put it down for a while and pick it back up later. I'll get through it eventually.

I like getting library books because the due date is like a challenge to see if I can read the whole thing before it needs to go back. I typically finish library books a lot faster than any other book. I just got my hands on #GIRLBOSS and haven't started it yet, but I've heard some mixed opinions about it so I am interested to see how it is. I'll let you know what I think when (if?) I finish it!


*I use Amazon affiliate links