I Have an Unpopular Opinion About Lady Ghostbusters...

Let me start by saying that I identify as a feminist and I totally support the idea of more movies that star more women. I think it’s awesome to have all-female casts on the screen, and let’s do more of that!

But, can we please come up with some original story ideas?

Why do we need a remake of a classic film like Ghostbusters to be our big feminist message to Hollywood?

It is disappointing to me as a huge fan of the original Ghostbusters to see anyone trying to copy it or reboot it in any way. I know the internet has been fighting over this for months, and anyone who is unhappy with the new movie is automatically deemed a misogynist who’s afraid of movies with ladies. That’s probably true about a large chunk of the anti-new Ghostbusters group. But some of us would be upset about it no matter who is starring. I was just as annoyed when I heard rumors that the guys from Superbad would be in the reboot.

It’s not the idea of women remaking a movie, it’s the idea of remaking a movie at all. Especially a great classic movie that holds a lot of nostalgic value and isn’t even that old yet. If you must recreate a film, at least wait until everyone who was originally in it has been dead for a couple of decades.

My beef is with Hollywood's lack of originality. Thinking back on the movies that have come out in the last few years, all of the most popular releases that I can name off the top of my head were remakes of previous movies or long-awaited sequels or were based on a TV show or a comic book. Yes, we all love Jurassic Park and Star Wars, but can we get something fresh?

I’ll admit I am not a big movie junkie. I haven’t seen any of the features that took home an Oscar this year. And some of them do sound interesting and original, which is fantastic. (I'll watch them eventually, maybe next time I'm on an airplane.) So let’s keep going in that direction! Let’s take these interesting and original ideas and throw some more ladies in there!

We’re too good for your old recycled scripts.

And please no more weddings and bridesmaids and stuff. Give us some rad action-adventure plots, make the women heroes and scientists and dinosaur-wranglers and all that, but in a new context that we haven’t already seen before. The best way to make female-centric movies and keep annoying bro-dudes happy is to leave the old bro-dude movies alone and write something new.

It feels really forced to take older films that starred guys and redo them with women, like it's only being done to fill some quota. It's cool if you're excited about the new Ghostbusters, but we should demand more from Hollywood.

(I personally would also enjoy something that doesn't involve Melissa McCarthy because she drives me crazy, but that's my own cross to bear).