I'm not dead yet!

Hey guys! I am the worst at this whole blogging thing. I haven’t made a post in forever, partially because I’ve been focusing on other things, but mostly because I forgot about it. Oops. But I have returned!

I’ve been doing lots of writing for Void and Medium, sending out tons of job applications, and generally trying to get my shit together.

This week I’ve been pretty sick as I got hit by some kind of throat infection that somehow has all the symptoms of both strep and mono but apparently is not either of them.

From Tuesday through Thursday all I did was lie in bed helplessly and alternate between napping, eating ice cream, and watching TV shows. (Rewatched a lot of Veep + I just got into the American remake of The Returned and it’s so good!) I tried to make up for it by doing a crazy amount of writing yesterday to catch up on my regular weekly number of web posts that I do for Void, as well as an article for the upcoming issue of the magazine (which needs to be submitted by Monday and i’m still feeling iffy about my entire approach to it ughhh). It was tiring but it feels good to be productive, even if only for one day.

There’s a really fine line between doing my job and falling down the internet rabbit hole sometimes. I spend the whole day on my computer looking at social media feeds and reading news aggregators so I can write about trending news stories or find inspiration or research longer articles. Sometimes I get too distracted and my searching for stories turns into farting around on twitter. This can lead to some massively unproductive hours if I can’t manage to snap myself out of it and take a short screen break.

Social media is probably the best and worst thing that’s ever happened to us as a society. It sucks all of our energy and attention and is mostly a huge waste of time but it’s also an amazing way to connect with people outside of your geographical bubble and learn about things you might not normally hear about.

I’ve been filling my twitter following list with funny and fascinating women lately and it’s amazing how different my twitter experience is now than it was when i mainly followed news outlets and random celebrities. I don’t follow any real news or negative stuff and it’s always fun and refreshing to see what my people are tweeting about. It’s significantly different from Facebook which is now just a platform to complain about things, shout about politics, and share awful clickbait links.

This presidential election is such a nightmare and all the news out of the world seems to be relentlessly awful so I’ve mostly given up on following it. I only follow the very important news that is actually news. I’m doing my best not to care about politics and just pretend nothing is happening because I am in some form of denial about what is happening to this country and it’s one more thing out of my control that I just don’t want to stress myself about. I’ll concern myself with it when the election gets closer.

For now, I’m happier reading funny and insightful things on my timeline and looking at pretty pictures on Instagram. I might even start using Pinterest because what could be a better way to distract from the horrors of the world than pinning complicated recipes and pictures of cute outfits to a virtual cork board? I think I have an account that I made a while ago but never really got the hang of using it. Sounds like something to tackle on a free Sunday morning!

Do any of you guys use Pinterest? I might want to look at your pins for some inspiration!

Ok I promise I'll try to update more regularly. In the meantime, you can follow me on other forms of social media and subscribe to my newsletter if you can't get enough!