My writing has been featured on websites like,,, and even in the Florida Times-Union.

Articles I have written have been cited in larger publications like The Washington Post and on, so I'm kind of a big deal.

I enjoy writing about all sorts of different things including technology, pop culture, beauty, food, travel, history, futurism, environmental sustainability, politics, current events, and just about anything else.

Scroll down to find scanned copies of my print articles, links to a few selected online articles, or click to view my contributor pages on and
For a full list of all of my online articles from various parts of the internet, check out my Contently Portfolio. 

Here are a few articles from around the web that showcase some of my different styles of writing and various topics I enjoy writing about, from local news coverage and personal profiles to funny "listicles", informative essays on history, culture, and technology, sarcastic rants and satire:

+ 4 Women in History Who Risked Everything to Help Others

+ In Defense of Jacksonville

+ President Obama Campaigns For Hillary Clinton in Florida

+ Dear Burger King, Please Stop

+ Tips For Not Dying of a Hangover

+ What is the Internet of Things and Why Should Anyone Care?

+ Why You Should Buy Ugly Produce

+ The Unlikely Voice of a Forgotten Genocide

+ A Brief History of the Internet

The Best Places to Flee and Start a New Life

+ 7 Badass Historical Women You Probably Didn't Learn About in School

For a full list of all of my online articles, please see my Contently Portfolio.

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