This is where you'll find links to some of my posts on the web and scans of my stories from magazines.

At the moment I primarily write online posts and articles for Void Magazine. Here is my contributor page on


Here are a few recent posts from around the web that showcase some of my different styles of writing, from one-on-one interviews to event coverage to funny "listicles" and informative essays:

+ What is the Internet of Things and Why Should Anyone Care?
+ Why You Should Buy Ugly Produce
+ The Unlikely Voice of a Forgotten Genocide
+ A Brief History of the Internet
Get Pitted--A Chat with Bono's Pit Boss
Local Bartender Advances to National Competition
The Best Places to Flee and Start a New Life
+ 7 Badass Historical Women You Probably Didn't Learn About in School

For a full list of all of my online articles, check out my Contently Portfolio.


Print Articles:

(links open as PDFs)

"Swipe Right For Love" -- Void Magazine, Issue 10/Vol. 6, February 2016

"Veg Head's Guide to Guilty Pleasures" -- Void Magazine, Issue 11/Vol. 6, March 2016

"Monetize Your Social Media" -- Void Magazine, Issue 1/Vol. 7, May 2016

"Ballin' on a Budget" -- Void Magazine, Issue 2/Vol. 7, June 2016

"Drinking on the Down-Low" -- Void Magazine, Issue 2/Vol. 7, June 2016

(More coming soon)

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