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Here are a few articles from around the web that showcase some of my different styles of writing and various topics I enjoy writing about, from local news coverage and personal profiles to funny "listicles", informative essays on history, culture, and technology, sarcastic rants and satire:

+ 4 Women in History Who Risked Everything to Help Others

+ In Defense of Jacksonville

+ President Obama Campaigns For Hillary Clinton in Florida

+ Dear Burger King, Please Stop

+ Tips For Not Dying of a Hangover

+ What is the Internet of Things and Why Should Anyone Care?

+ Why You Should Buy Ugly Produce

+ The Unlikely Voice of a Forgotten Genocide

+ A Brief History of the Internet

The Best Places to Flee and Start a New Life

+ 7 Badass Historical Women You Probably Didn't Learn About in School

For a full list of all of my online articles, please see my Contently Portfolio.

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